• Imaged-Guide Radiation Therapy (IGRT)

At RTCI we offer radiotherapy for the management and treatment of cancer in various modalities. Radiotherapy involves the use of high-energy x-rays to treat malignant tumors and some benign conditions. By damaging the DNA of malignant cells, these cancerous cells are unable to reproduce and eventually die. This form of radiation therapy is emitted and administered by a machine called a linear accelerator.

  • PIVOTAL (Treatment Solution for Breast Cancer)​

Before receiving radiotherapy, patients go through a simulation process, which consists of defining and locating the area to be irradiated. This procedure is performed in a CT Simulator which provides three-dimensional images of the size and location of the tumor. It also allows a better visualization of the soft tissues to protect the organs adjacent to the tumor. As part of the simulation process, immobilizers are employed to ensure the same patient’s position is reproduced throughout the entire treatment.