Benefits of Pivotal

Traditionally, radiotherapy treatments for breast cancer have been administered in an upright position, with the patient lying on their back. Now with Pivotal™ treatment, patients can be treated facedown, substantially limiting the dose of radiation reaching the heart, lungs and skin.

By positioning the patient face-down, tumors are allowed to move away from the chest wall, thereby achieving greater separation between the breast and critical organs such as the heart and lungs at the time of treatment. Pivotal™ presents a different and powerful option for treatment of breast cancer in Puerto Rico.

In a recent study from the New York University School of Medicine, it was found that the prone position (face-down) turned out to be optimal when decreasing the dose received by the lungs in practically all cases of cancer of the right breast and 85 percent of the cases of cancer of the left breast.

  • Tissue protection - In the face-down position, gravity pulls the breast tissue away from the body, which can result in improved radiation of the organs at risk, specifically the heart and lungs.
  • Tumor identification - In the face-down position the respiratory movement is reduced, which permits an exact identification of the tumor during the treatment. In addition, the face-down down position provides 360º access to the tumor.
  • Skin protection - For some women with large breasts, the face-down position can help reduce skin irritation.